How Do I Make The Transition From Hobbyist to Professional Facepainter?

So, you’ve discovered the joy of facepainting and mow you’re wondering if can truly make a business from such a “fun hobby”. The answer is Yes you can! It takes alot of hardwork and you will make mistakes along the way, hopefully if you take the advice from this blog you will become a “professional”Continue reading “How Do I Make The Transition From Hobbyist to Professional Facepainter?”

Elegant Butterfly

A Step By Step Guide. The Butterfly is by far, the most requested design you’ll ever paint, so getting it right is important. Being able to paint it quickly and effeciently is crucial if you wish to grow your business. Placement is Key What ever butterfly you decide to paint, placement is crucial. Alot ofContinue reading “Elegant Butterfly”

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

A Step By Step Guide This step by step will be showing you how to recreate the ever popular Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles design. For those of you who don’t remember them or unfamiliar with them, they’re are simply 4 Turtles who having mutated now have Ninja skills. They are Four characters. Leonardo, Donatello, MichaelangeloContinue reading “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles”

The Dino Mask

A Step By Step Guide In my previous blog, I walked people through a selection of products from The Facepainting Shop. These products will allow you to produce top quality designs, without spending thousands on your initial set up or reset up in some of our cases! I’ve concentrated on the Rainbow Pallette by FusionContinue reading “The Dino Mask”

Face Painting; The Forgotten Business?

The Facepainting community is one of the tightest, supportive and friendliest  bunch if people I have had the honour of being part of. We’ve been so supportive of each other, praising someone’s post or design, lending an ear to an artist who is in the verge of selling their kit and offering their advice whenContinue reading “Face Painting; The Forgotten Business?”

Face Painting; Post COVID-19

Many of us face painting folk are currently not trading. At this time it’s simply too dangerous to paint at crowded events. That’s if there were any social gatherings to paint at!! To paint a child or adult, a facepainter has to get quite close to that person. Often holding the client’s chin, to keepContinue reading “Face Painting; Post COVID-19”

Face Painting & Charity An Open Letter

Dear Charities and Non profit Organisations, As a face painter, I often am approached by numerous charities, all wanting me to paint at their event. Many, request I do this for free or even pay them to do so. I wish I could paint for every single charity that approaches me. Face painting at anyContinue reading “Face Painting & Charity An Open Letter”

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