The Coronavirus & Face Painting

Hi, I’m a professional facepainter with over 10 years painting experience.

So, within the past week, the Coronavirus has gone from looming in the back of our minds to taking over our every waking moment. But, what does that mean for entertainers, such as face painters? Do my clients need to worry?

I’ve always followed strict hygiene standards. As a professional, I use a clean sponge for every child, never redipping it into my paints. I use disposable brushes if I paint children’s mouths and I rinse and change my brushes regularly. I won’t paint a child who has any open sores or signs of infection, due to the contamination risk to my kit.

Ofcourse, the Coronavirus takes up to 14 days to show any signs in the host. We could potentially paint Timmy on day 2 of the incubation period, without realising until 12 days later that we’ve been in contact with a carrier.

So, there are things we can do as professionals to minimise the risk to our clients. This is why it so very important to hire a professional over a hobbyist painter. We have stringent routines we follow

Things We Plan To Do To Keep Our Clients Safe

  • Destination handwashing. What we mean by that is we wash our hands before we leave our homes, and upon arrival at the venue we once again wash our hands. Once we are set up and ready to paint we again wash our hands.
  • I personally do not use public transport, as I carry a large kit.
  • I use my own table and chair, which I wipe down with antibacterial wipes before I set my kit down.
  • I use a clean sponge for EVERY CHILD. (This has always been my practice.) I never redip my sponge into my paints. I clean my stencils and brushes between clients and I will refresh my water regularly. I will not paint children who appear ill or have any open sores or rashes on their faces.
  • Once I’ve finished. I will wash my hands and pack up ready to leave.
  • At home I wash my equipment thoroughly. My sponges are washed on a high heat in the washing machine and then dried thoroughly. Insuring my kit is ready for the next party.

Should You Cancel Parties or Holidays?

At the moment, 3rd March 2020, the government are advising that you continue with your day to day activities. See the below link:

As long as we’re all following the advice and washing our hands regularly, we’re doing the very best we can. We’ve seen this happen time and again in history. A decade ago it was swine flu and the issues surrounding that. Right now, we need to be sharing the CORRECT information on how to tackle this and stay safe. Social media is a hotbed of misinformation and opinions, if in doubt always refer back to your government website.

Stay safe. Keep grounded. Keep informed.

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I'm a professional facepainter, based in the UK. I've over 10 years painting experience and help run a successful Facebook Facepainting Group, with over 7,000 members. "Newbie Facepainting Help Group" has been fantastic for helping new facepainters and guiding established painters who may be stuck in a rut.

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